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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adopter Update - Finn - Nov 28, 2010

Happy Holidays to everyone. I would like to thank Newf Friends for allowing my family to adopt Finnegan. Congratulations to all the Newfs who have found forever homes and their families.
Today we took family Christmas photos. Originally, we thought we would do the photo shot first and then go to the beach afterward. However, we eventually decided that with Finn's energy level it would be best to play on the beach before we attempted the Christmas photos, hence Finn's wet coat.
Finn is an amazing guy. Laid back is NOT his middle name. My boy was born to work. He does not allow us to be bored for a minute. At the beach Finn dives into the water with gusto. Shannon, our Berner, follows a little more timidly behind. Then back on the beach, back into the water and off again. He has a perfect recall. I just have call his name once. He turns on a dime, comes to me, sits beside me and waits for a treat. We traveled to the Atlantic ocean in September. Finn tested his sea legs with great results, see photo of Finn and Shannon playing in the ocean.

He learned to sit nicely on the patios in different tourist towns along the Atlantic Coast. We heard people say "what beautiful dogs." I could not agree more.