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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lily is Looking for a Family

ID 3607

March 13, 2011: Lily was adopted.

Sweet Lily is looking for the perfect family to show her how great life can be. She and sister Penelope entered our rescue program on January 16, 2011 when their owner could no longer care for them.

Born on November 22, 2009, Lily is a young beautiful Newfoundland with loads of promise and potential in the loving care of the right family.

Lily has a wonderful, gentle disposition, is affectionate and wants nothing more than to curl up and rest her chin in her foster guardian's lap. She is gentle and loving, loves to be hugged and petted and is a real sweetheart.

Having not had appropriate opportunities to be properly socialized and exposed to the world prior to entering our program, Lily is fearful of unknown people, dogs, children, sounds, environments… basically anything new (which is pretty much everything for her!). When she’s scared she tends to curl up and try to hide under furniture or in corners.

She needs an owner that understands her needs and will be patient and give her lots of time to blossom. She has been making steady progress in foster care, improving every day and with the right owner, she will continue to blossom. She is a curious girl, and in her own time does explore new things. Following the lead of the confident dogs in her foster home, she is already coming out of her shell.
Once she is comfortable in her environment and with the people around her, she absolutely loves attention and is very social and friendly. She is more than happy to hop on the couch for snuggles and loves her silky black coat to be stroked softly. She loves to give big Newfy kisses too!

Health wise: She is currently severely underweight, weighing only 60 lbs upon intake! In foster care she has been put on a high quality food (Orijen) and has already gained several pounds. She is fine boned and we don’t expect her to be a large Newf as her build is small, but we expect her to reach a healthy weight in the 80 lb range within the next few months.

Her recent blood work shows that she is anemic but now that she is receiving a proper diet this should be resolved soon.

Lily was vaccinated upon intake and she was spayed on January 27th and is recovering in her foster home. She did have vaginitis that appears to have been a long standing, chronic condition. The results of the tests show the infection is a very nasty E. coli infection and she is now on antibiotics to treat this.

She is a young, active dog and needs daily vigorous activity to be happy and healthy. She loves to run in the woods; romping through the underbrush and bounding through the snow. You should see her go! Initially at her foster home when she met the other dogs she was overwhelmed, but now she is great friends with them, loving to romp and play, and then curl up together in a big pile of dogs to nap in the evenings. She is friendly with cats but needs to learn not to chase them when they run. She thinks they want to play… silly girl!

Because Lily grew up with other dogs, she needs to go to a home that has a friendly, well mannered dog to keep her company and also be a good role model. She greatly enjoys the companionship of other dogs .

Her adoptive family will want to enroll her in obedience training as she’s developed some bad habits and is ill mannered at times. She has been discovered standing on her foster family’s dining room table and other places a well mannered Newf shouldn’t be. She has a pesky habit of jumping up when she wants attention and she thinks climbing her foster Mom's back is a fun game. She responds well to direction and is improving greatly already.

Lily also never walked on a leash before entering foster care. Needless to say, her foster family is working on getting some basics down but Lily will need continued work. Time, established routines and patience will work wonders for this sweet girl. She takes direction well and is highly treat motivated so teaching her manners and obedience is not be a problem.

Lily is a young girl who hasn’t had the benefit of training or socialization (think of her as a really big puppy!). She is a wonderful girl with a beautiful personality; sweet, loving, eager to please and gentle. She just needs a family that will take the time socialize her and allow her to learn that life is great… that she doesn’t have to hide. Once she's properly socialized and completely out of her shell, she will be an absolutely fantastic girl for a very lucky family.

Lily will be ready to join a family in a few weeks time, around the second week of February, once she has completely healed from her spay surgery.

An adoption donation of $500 applies.