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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adopter Update - Muskoka Ben!

Next week will mark Ben's 1st Gotcha' Day. Here's an update from his family...

I am sorry that I have not been more punctual with updates on Ben; we have been a very busy family. Ben has turned into such a well mannered dog, this summer Ben and I were running up to 3 km a day and going for morning and night walks. He loves the water and in the summer lives in our lake, he has also become quite the jumper off the dock.
In August Ben got the chance to have Berkeley (Ben's Brother) and Buddy come to Muskoka for a day of fun. Ben and his brother are twins in pretty much every way; they had a wonderful time together.
Ben also went on his first road trip! He came out East with Kyle and I. He was so amazing in the car and loved all the little pee breaks along the way where he got to leave his scent. While out East Ben was lucky enough to join us on a boat to go whale watching but he was more interested in the seals, everywhere we go people fall in love with Ben.
During Cranberry Festival here in Bala Ben also met two Labs that had just been adopted from you and the three of them got to hang out and play for a bit, the labs looked very happy too!
We had such a magical first Christmas with Ben, he was very spoiled!!! His favourite presents were his chicken (which drives us crazy) but he LOVES!!! He carries it around with him everywhere!

As for now Ben is enjoying the snowy, cold Muskoka winter. He goes to work with Kyle every day and gets to go ice fishing (he loves Muskoka Sushi AKA minions) and plays on our rink during the weekends.
We are so blessed to have Ben in our lives. We really can’t imagine it any differently and I am pretty sure if Ben could talk he would say the same.
Thank you for bringing Ben into our lives!
Erin and Kyle
P.S. Attached are some pictures of some of the adventures Ben has been on.