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We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update - February 6, 2011

Remember Jethro? His new Mom is trying to win a conversation with Cesar Millan & a $100,000 charitable donation! If you can spare a daily click she'd really appreciate your vote. You have to register once but it's easy & can even be done through your Facebook account. Good luck Carol!! Vote here.

Poppy arrived today and is doing great in her foster home, having a blast with the other dogs. Coming to us from a loving owner, this 4 yr old girl is a gentle and sweet gal. We already have a home lined up for her from our waiting list of approved families. This love-bug will join her new family in a few days.

Molly, is doing well in her foster home and making steady progress. She has been spayed, her ear infections treated and she is on the road to recovery. Upon intake her ears were stuffed with wads of bubblegum! Please, don't let this happen to your dog, always supervise children when they are around dogs!
Read Molly's bio here

Handsome Bear, a loving 8 year old boy, is doing great! We have a home visit going out for a potential home today. Fingers crossed for Bear!

Lovable pup Harold is continuing to improve daily and we are hopeful that we have all of his health issues under control. We will be doing another vet assessment to see if he is ready for vaccines and then he will be ready to join a family. Please visit his bio to read more about this love-bug to see if he is a good match for you.

Sweet Lily has been spayed now and is recovering in foster care. She is doing very well and her confidence improves daily. This adorable girl is so loving and affectionate, she will make a great companion for the right family.
Read her bio here

Lily's sister Penelope is seen here sporting the Cone of Shame! Recovering from laser surgery to correct bilateral cherry eye, Penny is doing great. Her surgery went well and she should be fully recovered in a few weeks time. This affectionate girl is looking for a very special family to call her own.
Check out her bio here

Sassy girl Mackenzie is recovering very well. We are cautiously optimistic about her eye surgery to correct cherry eye that had been left untreated for several years. The damage to her eye was extensive, but we are hopeful that the one surgery will be enough and we won't need to do another. Details to come as her healing continues.
Mac's bio can be found here

Be sure to visit our Kids that Care page to learn more about great children who have shown a love of animals. Send us your stories about how your children have help animals in need and we will post them to help spread the word and motivate others to step up and make a difference. (Thanks Meg for permission to use your adorable picture.)

It's raining puppies, of all breeds! Our parent group HART has puppies, puppies and more puppies available for adoption. If you know of any loving families who are looking to adopt a pup, please direct them to HART!