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Friday, July 22, 2011

Adopter Update: Lily

Remember Lily? She arrived in our care last winter along with her sister Penelope. The girls were both very poorly socialized and grossly underweight at 60 lbs. Well look at her now--35 lb weight gain, her confidence is continuing to grow and she is doing amazing! We love these happy endings! Here's what her adoptive family wrote:

Hi Sandra;

Quick note to let you know Lily is doing well. Her last check up at the vet weighed her at 95lbs. We were really pleased with that. Her spleen remains enlarged but our vet feels this could be a chronic condition due to her poor nutritional start in life. We will continue to monitor it with her yearly check up but since she is displaying no signs of illness we have agreed with our vet no investigations or treatment is required. She has lots of energy, has a beautiful shiny coat, her teeth and gums are healthy, she has a healthy appetite and best of all she’s putting on weight.

Lily is a really happy girl and has become a treasured member of our family. Her many anxieties are disappearing and she has slowly become more social with people and children. She depends on Molly, who is very social able to feel out the situation and if Molly thinks it is safe generally Lily will join. We try to expose her to different social situations as often as possible. In fact, we have just met two delightful little girls around the corner who are also named Molly and Lily and are very willing to help Lily with her fear of children. How great is that!

I’ve sent you a few pictures of our girls playing and swimming together. They are such great company for each other and bring such joy to our lives. You may receive an application for another adoption as we frequently toss the idea of adopting another newf around.

Rosemary and Steve