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Established in 2008.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

In memory of.....

In loving memory of Mariah
October 29, 2001 - July 23, 2011

Mariah came to Newf Friends on June 9, 2011 when her loving owner moved into an assisted living facility. Having known much love her entire life Mariah's confidence and friendly nature made her transition into foster care smooth and she quickly made herself at home with her new family. Mariah bonded easily with her foster guardians, and fit in well with the pack of dogs. She learned the routine, found her favourite spots in the house to nap, and always made sure she was first in line to go swimming.

Affectionate and loving, she always had a wagging tail, lots of slobbery kisses and she loved to be hugged and petted. She was a true gentle giant, everything a Newf should be. A real water baby, she loved her daily swims and was excellent at water rescue work and would often "help" the other Newfs in her foster home perfect their retrieving skills. She seemed to think two Newfs retrieving a paddle was always better than one.

On July 23 Mariah went about her usual routine and seemed to be her usual self. Late in the afternoon she suddenly collapsed and passed away peacefully and quickly of natural causes in the arms of her foster mom.

She knew much love her entire life, including in her final moments, and she will forever be in our hearts.