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Thursday, July 21, 2011



August 1, 2011: Higgins was adopted!
Meet Higgins! They don't come much gentler than this boy. He is calm, easy-going and gets along with everyone he meets. He is looking for a kind, quiet family to welcome him into their lives.

"Yes I drool"
This gorgeous 6 year old purebred Newf came to us as an owner surrender on July 18, 2011. His family had obtained him from Kijiji a few months ago and even though they loved him, they discovered that a Newf wasn't the dog for them so they decided to surrender him to us. When they got him from his original owner he was fairly matted so they had to shave parts of his coat, mostly his underbelly, legs and backend. Those areas are growing in nicely and overall his coat is in excellent shape; very shiny and healthy. He also at one point in his life had a very severe infection in his left ear. This caused permanent paralysis on the left side of his face and as a result he sometimes has an extra goofy look on his face. It also affected his inner ear and his perception of 'level' is a bit off so his head is at times tilted to the left. His ability to walk, run, eat, drink, give cuddles and look handsome were not affected at all. He is completely normal, just sometimes looks goofy.

"They tell me I sometimes look extra goofy."
Higgins is a very laid back and friendly guy. He gets along very well with other dogs and could happily live in a household with other well mannered dogs. At his age, he is not always interested in playing but he likes going for walks and hikes in the woods. He has very nice leash manners while out and about and is well mannered with all dogs, people, children and cats he encounters. He also enjoys being in water and really likes the kiddie pool at his foster home. We're sure he would enjoy swimming in a larger body of water if he had access to it. Higgins also really likes cats. At his foster home he tries to gently lick them and will paw them ever so softly in an attempt to play or perhaps just to say hello. It is adorable and super sweet. Needless to say, he could quite peacefully live with cats.

Simply Gorgeous!
In the house, Higgins is just lovely; extremely calm, quiet and gentle. He adores people (including children) and receiving attention. If he's being pet and you stop, he will gently nudge or paw you to continue. If you're sitting on the couch, Higgins will mosey over and place his big head on your lap for pets. He is a complete and total love bug! See his video below for proof!

An ideal day for Higgins would involve a few walks, lots of time spent laying around napping, maybe a swim and of course receiving loads of cuddles. He does have a keen interest in the goings-on of the kitchen and is known to counter surf and beg for food. He is not overly pesky, but he is tall and when he wants, he can easily take food from countertops so his new family will want to either work on this (or not leave food unattended!). Overall though, he is a darling, perfect Newf.

"I can rest my head right on this low counter, perfect level for begging!"

Taking a break
The only behaviour issue that Higgins has is that he gets spooked by loud, unexpected noises. When this happens he bolts away. For this reason a fenced yard is a must for this boy.

Higgins is a truly, lovely gentle giant, sure to bring much love and enjoyment to a lucky family. Born March 13, 2005 he is a purebred male Newfoundland. He weighs 140 lbs (though he could stand to lose a few pounds), is neutered and up to date with his vaccines. He is in excellent health and is ready to join a loving family.

An adoption donation of $500 applies. To be considered for Higgins please complete and submit an adoption application, found on the Contact Us page.

Higgins is being fostered in the Brantford Ontario area and his adoptive family is required to pick him up in person. Sorry, no exceptions.