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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Adopter Update: Happy Birthday Molly!

Check out this adopter update we received last week on Molly's 11th birthday!

Hi Sandra,

Today is Molly's 11th birthday HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an update....Remember that we told you that she was getting laser-therapy, it didn't do anything. She was getting weaker and weaker with her hind legs. We really thought that things would go down hill from there. We were really sad.

 But we went on vacation to Havelock (ON) anyway. What a beautiful area. Molly and Izzy enjoyed themselves in the Crow River. Molly just lied down in the water with harness and all to cool down a bit. (see pics) We had the most beautiful weather that week. It was a bit difficult to get Molly down to the river and back to the house again but we managed thanks to the HelpEmUp Harness.
(can't have a big dog without this thing when they get old)  

When we came home, we went back to the vet again, to hear what we could do more for our girl. The vet suggested acupuncture. Well, I was skeptic about it. But now after 3 treatments things have changed so much, it's just amazing. We're so glad about this.

In the beginning when the vet put a small needle in her foot, she wouldn't react at all. There was just no "connection" between her brain and her foot. Now, the last time she pulled her foot back when the needle got in. Her feeling was back!!!!
We can see that when she walks, she places her feet more secure on the ground, not that drunken walk anymore..
 She doesn't need her harness on, she walks around the house more. Normally she would stay in the kitchen where her bowl was, so she didn't have to walk far for it. Of course, when she's to enthusiastic, she still falls down once in a while. It's not like she's a young dog again. She's really happy, she rolls on her back and has this big smile, and her eyes well, you know what I mean.:-) .So we'll see how she will do in the winter, but we're hopeful that she will be strong enough to get through it.
This evening she will get a big sausage in her food and of course Izzy gets it too, you can't spoil just one dog;-)
We love Molly soooooo much!!!!!!!!!! She's really special..

We hope all is well with you!

Anyway, big hugs from us all
Lars,Marij, Molly and Izzy