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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adopter Update: Finnegan

Merry Christmas Sandra, Allison and Newf friends Rescue:

Finn is now six and half.  He has gone from a happy, clumsy, young dog; when we took him home over four and half years ago to a happy mature gentlemen, who still has moments of pure silliness. We continue to travel east with Shannon and Finn each year.  They have become old hats at meeting tourists along the way.  We stop in Quebec and Saint Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick before landing at our destination in Lunenburg Nova Scotia.  They have learned to sit for photos for travellers from all over the world who all say what well behaved and beautiful dogs they are.  One heartwarming story was from a young girl in her wheelchair. Her parents asked if they could have a photo taken with them.  I said I would be happy to take the photo so all they family could be taken together.  Just as I snapped the shot Shannon leaned up and gave her a gentle kiss and Finn put his head on her lap.  The mother cried and so did I.  Other times they are just silly.  When we had their photo taken at the Easter Fund Raising in Pickering Finn thought the giant Easter Bunny was one big fluffy toy.  We took them to Pet Store for a Christmas photo, Finn thought himself a rock star and wanted to be photographed with all the toys on hand. 

We continue to walk to the beach each day.  Finn runs into the water regardless of the weather and Shannon wades until he comes back on shore.  Then they run along together.  Shannon s Wobblers seems to be progressing slowly and she is responding well to medication., Finn seems to know she can no longer engage in wrestling matches and when she tries to tease him into one he lays down and just moves his head around her. What a boy!!!

I have attached a few Christmas picks. Thank you for allowing John and I to adopt Finn.

Colleen, John, Finn and Shannon