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Established in 2008.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 13: I have an adoption pending!

Say hello to Valerie, an adorable Newf (mix) who is looking for a family to call her own. This affectionate and social girl was born October 12, 2009 and is young, beautiful and full of love. Valerie is very people oriented, absolutely adores children and is social and friendly.

Valerie was adopted by one of our previous adopters in August 2011 and they worked with her for the last 5 months but have been unable to resolve issues Val and one of their other dogs were having. The decision has been made to find a new home for Valerie, so we are once again looking for a home for her.

She is intelligent, gentle with people, loving, affectionate and eager to learn and please. She knows basic commands and has good manners. A happy, fun loving girl, who's sure to steal the hearts of her adoptive family!

Valerie came to us as an owner surrender who after having her for 6 months were not able to meet her needs. She is doing exceptionally well in foster care and will make a great addition to a dog experienced home with kind, confident owners.

She is very focused on people and craves direction and structure, so is well suited to a home with a family who want to go out and work her mind and body in activities like agility. Valerie would be very happy as the only dog in a household, and is better off in a home without cats.

Playful and energetic, Valerie is suited to an active family -- she does require lots of daily exercise, but is happy to quietly lay about the house once she has had her play time. She is very gentle and respectful around children, and could join a home with older children.

When Valerie was adopted by her surrendering family (from an ad on Kijiji) they were told she was a spayed, purebred Newf. Turns out Valerie was not spayed and it is unlikely she is a purebred Newf as her bone structure/size/snout suggest otherwise. (However, we have had purebred Newfs come in of similar size and stature.) Our best guess is that she is Newf/retriever mix. She is small, at 75 lbs and as she matures and fills out, she will likely not be over 80 lbs.

Valerie has been spayed and is ready to join an adoptive home.

To be considered for adopting Valerie, please complete an adoption application. As a Newf mix, Valerie's adoption donation will be $350.