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Friday, May 20, 2011


# 3916

May 22, 2011: Star was adopted!
Say hello to Star, a simply adorable old gal who is looking for a loving family to spend her golden years with. This lovable girl is a registered, purebred Newf born July 3, 2000 and will be celebrating her 11th birthday this summer!

She arrived in our care on May 19/11 as an owner surrender and had a busy day of vetting, grooming and meeting lots of dogs in her temporary foster home. This calm, cool, collected gal took it all in stride and happily spent her first evening snoring away.

Is that a kissable nose or what? Star is a real love bug and she is full of kisses, loves to be hugged and petted, is super affectionate and gentle as can be. All she wants is a lap to rest her chin on, and someone to hang out with.

She has a lovely, true Newf temperament -- gentle, patient and loving. She seems to get along fine with other dogs and was wonderful meeting all of her foster family. She has sought out the company of the older dogs and enjoys napping in a heap with them. She is not particularity thrilled with younger dogs who want to engage in play with her, but is very appropriate telling them to leave her be, just giving them a "bug off" bark. She would be fine joining a family with another well mannered dog to hang around and nap with.

Upon intake Star's coat was in very bad condition. She was filthy and covered in very large, thick matts over her entire body. The matting was so thick and close to the skin that it was determined that given her age, putting her through the stress of trying to save her coat would be too hard on her. In consultation with a vet and professional groomer we made the decision to shave her, a choice we never want to have to make for a Newf, but in this case the only option for her health. She was a super Star during her grooming session and although tired (she actually fell asleep in the bath tub and was snoring while being bathed!) she was rejuvenated once she was all done. Clean, smelling fresh, and free of painful matts, Star's tail has not stopped wagging since! We were pleasantly surprised to find that under all of the matts her skin was not as bad as we had feared, and she has no severe skin infections.

Upon intake we took Star straight to the vet for a check-up and ran full blood panels to assess her health. As we suspected she is hypothyroid and we have started her on thyroid meds. Currently Star weighs 150 lbs is about 45 lbs overweight - she is not a tall girl, nor is she particularly heavy boned, so her ideal weight would be around 105 lbs. With thyroid meds, a healthy diet, and opportunities for low impact exercise the pounds will start to melt off quickly. Star will look like a totally different dog in a few months time!

Being 11 years old, Star is a little slower moving than younger Newfs, but does not have any serious mobility issues. She is best suited to a bungalow style house where she does not have to contend with many stairs as she does not like them. Slippery floors are not an option for her. She likes to be near people and a home set up so that she can easily stick by her care-giver's side is best.

Star has cataracts in both eyes and her vision is impaired but she can see enough to get along just fine. Her teeth are not great, but at her age we are not willing to risk putting her under anesthetic to clean them. She will be getting some raw bones to chew to try to clean her teeth up a bit.

Star is looking for a home where she will be loved and cared for. Is that home yours? Her needs are simple -- good food, low cost thyroid meds, lots of Omega 3s and most important, LOVE!

Our usual adoption donation of $500 will be waived for Star given her age. Instead we ask for a donation of your choice. Star will be moving to her long term foster home this weekend, which is in the Guelph area.

To be considered as Star's adoptive family please complete our adoption application and return it to us to start the screening process.