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Monday, May 23, 2011



June 24, 2011: Nahla was adopted!

Meet Nahla, a beautiful one year old Landseer Newf who is searching for her ideal family. This gorgeous girl loves people and is very social and friendly. Coming to us as an owner surrender sweet Nahla is looking for stability and structure in her life.

This adorable girl has spent a lot of time with people, but has not had appropriate opportunities for socializing with other dogs. At 12 months of age she is unsure of herself in the company of new dogs. She is not aggressive, she just barks nervously when she sees another new dog. When given an opportunity to actually meet the dog face to face, she sniffs, says hello and acts appropriately. Once she's met a dog, she is completely fine, no problems. She is in foster care with 6 other dogs ranging in size from tiny to giant and she's had no problems. She runs around with them, hangs out and enjoys their company. She can be possessive of her toys but it's not a huge issue. She just takes her toys and runs away with them. To help Nahla learn to greet other dogs nicely, her foster family has been taking her to the leash free dog park and she does fine. She doesn't always play but she always enjoys herself and its exactly what she needs to learn to greet other dogs without barking. Given her young age and the fact that she takes direction very well, we don't see this being a long standing problem. Check out the video of her playing with a young Beagle below!

Nahla loves her squeaky toy!
Nahla has nice manners in the house. She doesn't counter surf, is fairly quiet and is happy to sleep on her dog bed at night. She is house and crate trained and will sit nicely for her dinner. She needs some help to learn how to take treats more gently (she's quite eager & loves treats!) but this will come with time and training. She has a habit of using her paws to say hello, pat people, ask for attention and get into mischief. It's quite comical when she's gingerly trying to knock over the bathroom garbage can wih her big mitts... silly girl! Jumping up is something else that her new family will want to continue to work on. Her foster parents are teaching her to sit nicely and wait for pets when she meets a new person but sometimes she still gets excited. She just loves people so much! She also adores children and she could live in a house with children aged 10 and up. Her jumping up combined with her "paw boxing" make her a hazard for a family with young children. Nahla is good with cats (though she does try to play with them!) and could easily join a house that had them.

Pretty girl!
Nahla is an active, young dog and needs lots of activity every day to burn her puppy energy and be happy. She loves to go for off leash romps in the woods and always stays close to her people. She likes to go for structured leash walks as well. Her leash manners are excellent and she doesn't pull at all. Toys are a favourite of hers, especially squeaky ones. She will carry her Wubba around the yard; throw it in the air, squeak it, paw it and just have a blast with it. Check out her video below!

Sweet Nahla is looking for a family who have the time to take her out and help her spend time with other dogs so that she can be comfortable around them and learn to have fun. She is fantastic with people and you could not ask for a more affectionate dog; she is a pleasure to be around.

Ready to play!!
Nahla is healthy, spayed, vaccinated and weighs 92 lbs. She is ready for a loving family. We are looking for an active family who will be able to meet her exercise needs. An experienced home is required to help meet her need for socialization.

Nahla is looking for a home where she can blossom.... might you be her perfect family?

Sitting nicely checking out the yard

Nahla cuddling with her foster family's Papillon. Sweeeeeet!!
 To be considered for adopting Nahla please complete an adoption application found on this page. Her adoption donation is $500. Nahla is being fostered in the Guelph Ontario area.