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Friday, June 10, 2011


# 3674

Luna was born Dec 25, 2007 and is a happy, affectionate, playful girl. She has a wonderful and loving personality and is nice to all she meets. She loves people and has nice manners when greeting them. She is gentle and kind with children and is more than happy to roll on her back for a belly rub at any time. Luna has perfected the Newfie lean and really puts her whole head into, rubbing it right into whoever is petting her.

Adorable gal Luna arrived in our care on June 9, 2011 and so far she's been just about perfect. Happy, obedient, eager to please and great with people and dogs. A total package!

Luna gets along very well with other dogs. In foster care she is living with 6 other dogs ranging in size from tiny to giant and is pleasant and nice with all of them. She likes to hang out and run with them and would like to join a home with another 4 footed playmate. She is curious of cats but is respectful of them. If a cat is running, she will attempt to chase it but she means no harm.

At three years of age, Luna is a young Newf and needs her daily exercise to burn her energy off. She loves to go walks and off leash hikes, staying close to her family, never straying far. Her leash manners need some work as she tends to pull but she is very eager to learn and please people so teaching her to walk without pulling should be a snap. She absolutely loves splashing around in water and her foster family will be taking her swimming at a lake to see how she does. We're pretty sure she'll love it given her love of the creek at her foster home. In general, she loves the outdoors and is very happy to lounge around in the shade for hours. Look at how beautiful she is in her video below!!

Luna is wonderful in the house. She doesn't counter surf or go on the furniture. She happily sleeps on her dog bed at night and greets you in the morning with enthusiastic kisses and huge tail wags. At meal time, she does get excited but will sit and wait for her food when asked. At the water dish Luna is something of a slob. She likes to stick her whole snout in the water to drink and when she's done.. well ... she drips A LOT of water on the floor. Not joking. She is a very messy drinker but it's cute and true Newf owners will find it endearing or at the very least amusing. :o)

Luna has a lovely, big fluffy Newf coat; good thing she likes to be groomed! She readily lays down to be brushed and is great the whole time. She came into rescue with a fairly dense undercoat and some matting but her foster family is working on this. By the time of her adoption, she'll be completely groomed and looking as gorgeous as she should.

Luna has been spayed and brought up to date with her vaccines. On intake she had several hotspots; they have been treated and are now completely cleared up. She will be ready to join a loving family at the end of June.

Simply Gorgeous!

A very wet Luna!

An adoption donation of $500 applies. To be considered for her please complete and submit an adoption application, found on the Contact Us page.

Luna is being fostered in the Guelph Ontario area and her adoptive family is required to pick her up in person. Sorry, no exceptions.