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Sunday, June 26, 2011


# 3626

July 17, 2011: Tabitha was adopted!
Pretty gal Tabitha arrived in our care on June 25th as an owner surrender. To put it simply, she is a lovely dog. She is calm, gentle and sweet, wanting nothing more than a tender hand and someone to love and treat her kindly.

Tabitha has settled into her foster home with no issues at all. She gets along famously with other dogs, enjoying their company and always choosing to lie touching or close to one. As a 5-6 year old, she is not terribly interested in playing with the younger dogs but she does like to go for walks with them and is always up for a round of squirrel chasing. She would have no issue joining a family with other dogs, whether they were large or small. She also gets along well with cats.

She is on the smaller side for a Newf, and her surrendering family clipped her coat so she will need a few months until her coat starts to come back in properly. Physically she is in good shape besides some scrapes/scars on her nose and forelegs, which her owner said were caused by Tabitha breaking through a fence to chase groundhogs/escape. In foster care she has not tried to escape the fenced property, she actually stays quite close to her foster Mom and the other dogs. While out for off leash walks in the woods Tabitha never strays far and waits on the trail if she gets too far ahead. Her recall is not rock solid or immediate but she usually does return, just at her own pace (typicaly Newf!). Tabitha has also never walked on a leash before so her leash manners understandable need some work (she pulls).

Up to this point in her life Tabitha had been an outdoor dog only. In foster care she has transitioned wonderfully to living indoors and you could not ask for a calmer, gentler or quieter dog. She is content to nap the day away on a dog bed (usually spooning with one of the other dogs) and has yet to bark. Her tail always wags as members of her foster family approach and she is appreciative of any attention shown her. She calmly accepts all hugs, kisses and sweet talk with gentle wags and face kisses. Once you're petting her, look out ~ she does not want you to stop, she will nudge your hand softly for the loving to continue. It's sweet but then again pretty much everything about Tabitha is sweet, kind and gentle. She can be shy with new people but as time goes on and she learns to trust, we expect her hesitancy to disappear. Tabitha needs a gentle, kind family to shower her with love and attention.

Tabitha will be spayed and brought UTD on vaccines on July 7th. She will be ready to join a family once she's completely healed from her surgery, probably around the 3rd week of July.

An adoption donation of $500 applies. To be considered for her please complete and submit an adoption application, found on the Contact Us page.
Tabitha is being fostered in the Guelph Ontario area and her adoptive family is required to pick her up in person. Sorry, no exceptions.